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Horror Vacui

One of Aristotle's most famous quotes is "Nature abhors a vacuum". The idea being that nature will not allow the creation of a void or white space. This quote was the main inspiration of my project. After studying other concepts of using white space like "Ma" and also other creators like Edward Tufte I was inspired to create an interactive sculpture. I designed the sculptor to look like the golden ratio. The idea is if the public could see and feel the sculpture they would still be interacting with the idea of infinity.  

I was drawn to the idea of placing the sculpture in the water because I wanted to play with the reflectivity of the water. The viewer would then have to wade a few inches into the water as a series of aches slowly emerging from the water would create an otherworldly feeling as the viewer walked on the sculpture. Weather and the time of day would also impact the viewers experience with the piece and hopefully make them want to come back and see if their experience has changed. 

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