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"There's only one thing I fear my friend... one day the black will swallow the red." Red is a theoretical design following the life of Mark Rothko and the creation of the Seagram murals.

I wanted the audience to better understand this fear and his motivations behind creating the murals.

Rothko's original intention behind the creation of the murals  was to demonstrate how the murals can interact with one another giving the audience intense feelings of anxiety and dread. To do this I combined several to the murals that became the play space. Both of the characters from the play can walk through, interact and even paint on the set, adding more to the design with each show. While at the same time helping the audience understand what it is like to live in an artists head; how it can be hard to let people in and trust them with your vision. 

Designed by Fallon Podrazik

Written by John Logan

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