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The Madres 

The Madres takes place during the 1970's in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The play tells us about the dirty wars that where happening during the 1974 to 1983 when the government would abduct people who apposed the government leaving families in fear for there loved ones and many would never see them again. 

The play takes place in a middle class apartment where I created a place that at one time would have been warm and secure but now is filled with anxiety and uncertainty as the family tries to figure out what has happened to there loved one. I had the play space come through a broken wall of the apartment building as if the audience is forcing their way in, watching the family members. This is how family members feel, always watched by the actual government and how even their own home is no longer a safe space these families. 

Designed by Fallon Podrazik

Written by Stephanie Alison Walker 

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