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The design for Curtains is set during the "golden age" of musical theater, The musical is a show within a show. The musical that is being put on is called Kansasland; a fun and high energy musical. The design for Kansasland is meant to be more cartoonish and exaggerated. The main part of the show takes place backstage; because the backstage area is where the majority of the auction takes place I wanted the theater to feel as if it has a vibrant history of past productions, and that there is always something in the works backstage. I wanted to make the Kansasland design look like they are almost finished with the design, but they still need to add a few final touches before opening night. This adds to the comedic elements of the show and gives more blocking and staging options for all of the action that takes place backstage. 

Scenic Design by Fallon Podrazik

Directed by Rob Grumich

Lighting Design by Tim Poertner

Costume Design by Megan Harshaw

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